Upgrading Unmodified C/AL Application to Version 20

kmkaotkmkaot Member Posts: 253
Dear All,
I am sorry to say, when we come across Microsoft Technology, always complicated and confusing.

when we want to upgrade from 14 to 20, it should be a simple method. everybody wants to learn Microsoft technology

Will you check this error

1. When I run this command
"Sync-NAVTenant -ServerInstance $NewBcServerInstance -Tenant $TenantId -Mode Sync"
it is giving error
"Sync-NAVTenant : An unexpected error occurred after a database command was cancelled.
At line:1 char:1"
3. when I run this code at BC365 20
Sync-NAVApp -ServerInstance $NewBcServerInstance -Tenant $TenantId -Name "System Application" -Version $NewBcVersion
this error is coming
"Sync-NAVApp : The Nav17 database has version 1250 which is not supported by this version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Server. Please contact your



  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 452
    You missing some steps?
    United Kingdom
  • ChowdaryKChowdaryK Member Posts: 9
    please give me the exact steps, please...
  • kmkaotkmkaot Member Posts: 253
    Yes, I could able to upgrade successfully. Thank you all.
    The only problem is I am getting the error "Invalid language ID supplied: 0." everywhere
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