SQL Error when I compile the object in NAV 2016

Ganesh2002Ganesh2002 Member Posts: 5
We are using NAV 2016 -(version 9.00.46621). I get an error when I compile the Service Header table object. This error occurs only for this table. It started happening recently. I can compile all other objects.

I get the following error :

An updated definition for table Service Header cannot be applied in SQL because the table is currently in use. Try again later.



  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 478
    Strange one. Is this table is used by any other application? any integrations etc?
    United Kingdom
  • Ganesh2002Ganesh2002 Member Posts: 5
    Yes, it is used by another web application.
  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 478
    maybe try switch off connection to web application and try again with compling?
    United Kingdom
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