propoer item configuration for both sales and production

we are sales company, that started small production of goods item "03L".

Previously it was only sub-manufacturing, so product was configured simply as "goods" because we bought it from contractor. Now we would like to continue purchase it from subcontractor, and start produce of "03L" in our factory.

Our partner says that only way to keep it right is to create new item card "PROD-03L" with Item group = "manufactured goods", but I can't beleve that - it will cause a lot of aditional work (MRP, disturbed traceability, etc.).

I'm courious if it would be OK, to set "Inventory Posting Setup" that way, to put in production location "Invt. Posting Group Code" = "goods" and G / L Accounts as it wold be manufactured goods. When item will be ready, then I will move it to sales location with sales configuration. Is it OK?

Regards, Peter
NAV 2018, 11.0.46


  • samantha73samantha73 Member Posts: 90
    MRP settings are per item card so your options are either create new item or change item card settings prior to MRP
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