Object extension(Table, Page) ID is not showing in AL object designer.

ManiNavManiNav Member Posts: 120
Hi Everyone,

Good Afternoon,

I have created some extension in VS code for my Business central sandbox(Trial), able to publish, getting custom field in user interface; but not able to see the Object extension ID in AL object designer. What is the issue, that i am not able to find. I checked the AL object designer extension setting also, but not sure.[Uninstalled and installed latest version of VS code also but same...]

Could you please advice me on my above issue..

Thanks in advance.



  • MariosopenaMariosopena Member Posts: 6
    Hi @ManiNav , as far as I'm concerned AL Object Designer vscode extension only reads standard objects. When you compile your solution, an .app file containing your .al files is created.

    Unfortunately I think I'm not understanding your problem, what does 'object extension id' means?
  • ManiNavManiNav Member Posts: 120
    Hi @Mariosopena ,

    Please refer screenshot below, as table extension id '50045' is created for customer table extension , but not showing in 'Al object designer', tableExt menu.


  • MariosopenaMariosopena Member Posts: 6
    Try running the 'AL Object Designer : Clear Cache' command. Furthermore check that your object is included in your .app file.
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