Object license assignment required for ExternalSQL tables

eYeeYe PretoriaMember Posts: 163

It does seem that tables marked as TableType = ExternalSQL, needs to be in the assigned licensed object range.
Can someone please confirm that for me, please?

I remember reading somewhere that TableType Temporary and External do not need to be assigned. And now of course, I cannot find that article.
However running into "You do not have the following permissions on TableData External Value Entry_BTR Insert" when writing to that table.
TableType = Temporary works as expected.

The user does have SUPER, and I did assign explicit permission in the writing codeunit:
Permissions = tabledata "External Item Ledger Entry_BTR" = RIMD,
                  tabledata "External Value Entry_BTR" = RIMD;

Kind Regards,

Kind Regards,
Ewald Venter
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