Factbox with code

Hi experts,

We are talking about NAV 2015.

I have made a factbox with some lines in.

I would like that my code would be run, when the user press a button inside the factbox (on every line or one single button below the lines). The code should work with the active line in the factbox.

Otherwise the code may be run when the user double click on a line in the factbox.

How can I do something like that?

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  • MortenSteengaardMortenSteengaard Member Posts: 117
    The solution was to change the pagetype of the page to "Listpart" and make a page action.

  • julkifli33julkifli33 Member Posts: 1,048
    edited 2022-05-14
    does it work in Cloud BC?
  • MortenSteengaardMortenSteengaard Member Posts: 117
    edited 2022-05-16
    Hi julkifli33,

    I don't know if this works in BC. This is what happened in NAV 2015:

    My new page with lines worked fine as a factbox. When I changed the pagetype to "Listpart", my page action button suddenly showed up.

    But I couldn't find a way to make it work completely, so I made another solution.

    The problem was that when the user pressed the action button, I wanted it to do something with the current record in the header page (which was also a list). I couldn't find out, how to connect the two pages.

    And on a Microsoft forum, someone told me that double click is not an option in NAV.

    Best regards,

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