NAV 2016 Bank Recon: Problem when using "suggest Lines" a second time

RiccetyCricketRiccetyCricket Member Posts: 1
edited 2022-07-15 in NAV Three Tier

In my first month in Navision 2016. Trying to play catch up on some bank recs that haven't been done.

The issue is we have a bunch of charges that come in on auto-pay. So as I'm going through the reconciliation, I am constantly having to enter new cash receipts journals for items that have hit the bank statement but are not yet in the GL.

Then, to bring these new entries into the rec, I am selecting "Suggest Lines" again.

This brings the new entries into the rec, but it's changing the values under amount cleared. Maybe it has something to do with collapsed vs. Expanded lines? Not sure.

But does anyone know of an easier way to bring newly entered Bank transactions without messing up my amounts already cleared?

Also, is there a way to expand all collapsed transactions? Or do I have to go one at a time?

Thanks much for your help
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