Proper way to use filters with business central API in On-Prem multitenant environment.

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Greetings to Everyone.

I am having trouble figuring out the proper usage of filter with OnPrem Business Central Api. We have used multi-tenant deployment.

This is working

But while using the filter this way, it is not working
http://localhost:7048/gasorgn/api/BizNP/biobizapi/v1.0/companies(3530cd87-f0b2-ec11-9111-82e8be684e31)/generalledgerentries?$filter=PostingDate eq 2022-03-15?tenant=gasmaster

Likewise, use of expand on standard api also does not work

They Give the following message

{"error":{"code":"Authentication_InvalidCredentials","message":"Web service call failed because user could not be authenticated or authorized. CorrelationId: ae68c640-ec54-43f2-90b9-27c80fdb1f45."}}

I would be grateful for any help or suggestions.

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