Tables in SQL

slmaluwaslmaluwa Member Posts: 346
Hi all

Please refer the attached picture. I do not see these tables under Object Designer but available in SQL Database tables section?
What are these table used for? No records at all.

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  • javierseijasjavierseijas Member Posts: 4
    Hi @slmaluwa,

    CRONUS is a demo database, a fictitous company with business scenearios, customer, products, etc
  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 224
    These tables come from an Extension called "C5 2012 Data Migration". You can find it installed if you navigate to page "Extension Management", or run PowerShell command "Get-NavAppInfo <ServerInstanceName>".
    It comes pre-installed on demo environments, and (IIRC) is exclusive to Danish localization
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