Automate C/AL to AL upgrades

Simplanova invites Dynamics Partners to join our webinar introducing a unique proposition for NAV to BC code upgrade automationSALT (Simplanova AL Tools).

Webinar Date and Time: Wednesday, 11th of May, 2022, 04:00 PM CEST (Central European Summer Time).
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This new platform has premiered at Directions North America 2022 and for the first time now – to a bigger audience. SALT takes care of code to events; trigger upgrades; breaking changes; options to enums; tempblob and file management issues and includes a bot to guide you through the upgrade process.

For the past 24 months, Simplanova has been working on a platform for superior migration tools and will be finally releasing them to the public. So, we encourage you to attend the webinar and see the demonstration of how simple C/AL code to AL conversion can be with automated tools.

The webinar will be presented by Petras Butėnas. Petras has spent his last 9 years in the Dynamics ecosystem, working with his team to find better solutions for Dynamics Partners automate the upgrade of the Dynamics NAV solutions. Over the years, Simplanova has provided many automation solutions to make upgrades more efficient.

Ieva from Simplanova
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