Underscore character in the API page (extension)

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Dear all,

I need to create an API page with some fields with the underscore character (like "_id", etc.).
When publishing the extension I'm getting compiler Error AL0528: "The name of field controls in pages of the type API must be alphanumeric."
As a result, I can't publish my extension.

In my case the sender can not change the JSON structure, it's a payment provider who sends the same structure to other customers. I can only think of creating a proxy Azure Function which will receive the API call, format it, and forward it to the Business Central. Not a perfect solution due to multiple factors (security, transaction time, extra complexity, availability).

In the C/AL you can still create an API page and add a field with the underscore character, but it won't work in my case due to various reasons.

Do you maybe have any better idea of how to solve this issue?

It's BC 14, on-prem.
Oleg Dovgalenko
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