Best practise for large Business Central customer?

We are almost in the final phase of a large sale of Business Central. The customer will have about 1000 users (700 essentials and 300 teams). The customer must run Business Central On-prem. We want to host it in Azure.

Would have liked technical advice and some 'best practice' for this type of customer size. For example, how to divide the customer into instances, load balancing and more. I have made a suggestion on architecture but would appreciate some input from someone who have set up big customers as ours?


  • Tony_NCDTony_NCD Member Posts: 32
    That's a pretty large base! I have never worked with such a large user base but here are a few things I suggest.

    For load balancing, create different instances for different departments may help since those who do more posting, like Accounting and Warehouse, can have a greater impact over those who mostly use it for viewing, like Sales Reps.

    Keep in mind that having multiple instances will not help with performance when your bottleneck is due to transaction locks. Oftentimes, that's where the sluggishness is.
  • jordi79jordi79 Member Posts: 239
    1000 users in 1 company?
  • AgannaloAgannalo Member Posts: 12
    Tenants + Microsoft Support
  • TheJBirdTheJBird Member Posts: 11
    Azure Load Balancer to balance incoming connections to multiple machines.

    I've done this before for a smaller user base. Created redundancy sets and used small machines as Nav servers. At the time, they had 4-5 Nav Servers, running as burstable machines (2 cores).

    Scaled automatically to add new instances as required, then turn them off when no longer needed.

    That was with NAV 2013R2.

    Worked quite well.
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