Security Filters on Reports

Dear all,

I am experimenting on Security filters and how those are going to work with Report Objects.

The case is :

1) I have a customer table , and i have set a security filter on this tabledata because the users to see only some of the entries which are stored inside this table.

2) This table , comes as a dataitem on a custom report. So i want this report to "get along" with the security filters that i have set

3) In the request page , the user can filter this dataitem and in general my code handles those filters.

At the moment my solution doesn't work because whenever the user run the reports, a message pops up claiming that "A Security filter has been applied to sales header.You Cannot Access records that are outside of this filter".

I would like some help on the questions below :

a) Does the use SetFilter/SetRange clears the security filters as well?

b) I know about the SetPermissionFilter() . Where should i use this method ?Back on the table object , or in the report object ? My guess would be that i should use this method inside the OnPreDataItem trigger of the dataitem.

Thank you in advance for your time!


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    jordi79jordi79 Member Posts: 272
    In my experience, Security Filters work with most reports.
    If you know NAV development, turn on the debugger to find out the offending line of code that triggered the error.
    That will give you an idea of where you need to look at.
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