ExtendedDataType -> call custom application

DamjanDamjan Member Posts: 92
Hi all,

system: NAV2013 R2
OS: Windows 10 Pro
I would like to set the custom application that is being executed/called as user clicks on field "Phone No." on page "Contact Card", but I do not know how the call to execute default application is being called.

I have done this:
1. CallToFromNav -> inserted the new default app string into the Windows 10 registry and assinged MS Teams as the execution application

2. page "Contact Card", field "Phone No." has the ExtendedDataType set to "Phone No."

when I click on Dial icon it opens the list to choose an app from.
I would like that this is being directly called the default app configured under "URL:CallToFromNav"

Thank Damjan
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