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Good Day,

We are moving to Business Central and are struggling with what we believe should be a simple concept and we have yet to come up with a solution for this issue, nor has our developer.

Within BC, we will need to pick and ship many sales orders at one time. We thought this would be simple, creating a Warehouse Shipment, filtering Source Documents (Sales Orders) by Courier (Fedex, UPS, etc.), by Shipping Advice (Partial, Complete), etc.

One major problem we have with BC is that when we attempt to filter on Sales Orders that are tagged with Shipping Advice = Complete, it is simply returning all Sales Orders with this tag. It does not perform any check to see if inventory is fully available for a Sales Order and that the order is ‘actually complete and ready to ship’.

Our question…..does Business Central not provide this functionality ‘Out Of The Box’ or are we doing something wrong??

Here is an example scenario.

Sales Order 1:
Ship Advice = Complete with 2 Item Lines.
Line 1 is in stock and available to ship.
Line 2 is on purchase order and is not available to ship.

Sales Order 2:
Ship Advice = Complete with 3 Item Lines.
All items in stock and available to ship.

Currently, both Sales Order 1 and Sales Order 2 would be returned to the Warehouse Shipment when using Warehouse Shipments > Use Filters to Get Src. Docs.
This is not desirable as Sales Order 1 is ‘Not Complete’ as inventory is not available to ship. Only Sales Order 2 should be returned to the Warehouse Shipment. Sales Order 1 should be ignored until a later date when it is available to ship.

Currently, both Sales Orders would be returned to the Warehouse Shipment. We would then create the Warehouse Picks, physically pick the product, Register the Picks and the Post the Shipment which would create our various Posted Customer Shipments.

If a Sales Order that has a Ship Advice = Complete status makes its way through this process, like the Sales Order 1 example, we receive an error message upon posting the shipment because one of the order lines isn’t complete. At this point, We believe that we are past the point of turning back because we have already registered picks, etc., yet we still can’t ‘ship’ to the customer because they will not accept the partial order.

We would be processing many hundreds of orders and item lines a day and cannot process or filter each Sales Order manually, determining what can ship and what can’t. We require a batch process for efficiency.

Again, is this functionality not available ‘Out Of The Box’ or are we doing something wrong (could there be a step/process we are missing, or an incorrect setup somewhere)? We can’t imagine we are unique in needing this functionality.

Thank you very much in advance.
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