FULL VAT in Tax Posting setup doesnt work for Items

Hello :smile:

I'm trying to capture a purchase line with a Tax Prod. Posting Group , which has VAT CALCULATION TYPE := "FULL VAT" and doesn't work for ITEMS but only for G/L Accounts , when I change "Vat calculation type" to "Normal" it works , but has a wrong VAT calculation.
Is there a setup I have to change?



  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 480
    I've used full vat in the past but I don't recall it now if it was a gl account. I think there's a hidden column also in the SO lines, (normal vat/full vat, I think it used to be an option field) maybe you need to change that first before the posting group?
    I dont recall but i can be mistake. I suggest to debug it around a bit.
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