VAT Statement Line - Column amount calculation

Hello to everyone,
I don't know where to post this thread, because I am new on forum, and I am posted here.
I used Business Central, and added two new fields on VAT Entry table: TOTAL = Base + Amount, TOTAL UNREALIZED = Unrealized Amount + Unrealized Base,
and on VAT Statement table field "Amount Type" (Enum) I aded two new values (Total, Total Unrealized), like on picture:
Two new fields (VAT Identifier, TAX Category) references on two tables VAT Identifier and TAX Category.
Now, I wanted to calculate VAT Statement for records where I selected Total or Total Unrealized, and store calculation result into "Column Amount" filed on VAT Statement Line, but if I click on Preview action I don't get any value.
Do you know how to calculate new values and store into that field on VAT Statement Line?
P.S.: I see that event "OnBeforeOpenPageVATEntryTotaling" from "VAT Statement Preview Line" page do calculation, but I don't know the way how to input new values.
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