File Management limitations in SaaS using BlobStorages

One of the major limitations we face when upgrading to Business Central’s SaaS environment is the usage of our local or server’s file system. Quite often, various NAV or BC solutions use the file system to save files for archiving purposes or to be processed later by an automated job.

There are multiple methods of refactoring various file system usages ranging from file downloads and uploads to connecting to an online drive.

This time I share a technical article - guidelines for Dynamics 365 Business Central partners "Overcoming File Management limitations in SaaS using BlobStorages" by Dynamics 365 BC Project Manager Simonas Dargis. He is going to cover this by creating BlobStorage and replicating a file system by allowing the user to save and load files from the newly created BlobStorage. Have a quality read:
Ieva from Simplanova
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