[solved]Use Default Synchronization Setup - Sorry, we just updated this page

TomigsTomigs Member Posts: 80
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Hi all,

I have an issue with the BC-CRM integration through the dataverse.

When I try to set the Default integration settings on the Integration Table Mappings I get the error "Sorry, we just updated this page. Reopen and try again.". Has anyone else got this error?
The version is BC 19.3.34541.34662.

I do have some customizations on the integration, that is precisely what I want to deploy by this action. But if I uninstall my extensions I keep receiving the same error. So, unless I'm doing something wrong I get the impression it is a bug, but I didn't see any reference to this on the list of released hotfixes.

Any suggestion is welcome.





  • TomigsTomigs Member Posts: 80
    Please ignore. It seems to be working back now.

    I'm not conscious of having made any relevant change but today it is working fine.

    My guess is that it was some piece of code on my extension that was incorrect.

    And why it didn't work without the extension: no idea, maybe I tested it incorrectly and the extension was still there. Maybe some refreshing issue with my session.

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