What is the best way of exporting BLOB?

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Kicking and screaming we are now entering BC! Therefor I am facing a big upgradeproject which includes going from TempBlob Record to "Temp Blob" Codeunit. Therefor I am looking for some information on how to best use/transfer the old pieces of code into the new one?

For intance I have a lot of places where various files have been stored. And when we want to see the file we use:
if not "File as BLOB".HASVALUE then ERROR(Text003);
BLOBRef.Blob := "File as BLOB";
FileMgt.BLOBExport(BLOBRef, FileName, true);
BLOBRef is the old record which I can easily change to the new codeunit. But what is the best way of getting the blob field into the codeunit?
Doing outstreams, instreams and copystreams seem like unneccesary/ugly lines of codes. So not knowing enough about streams, I am wondering if there might be a better way.
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  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Member Posts: 1,139
    Normally I use Downloadstream If I have to download it manually and save somewhere in the Clients Machine.

    What's your exact requirement?
  • SunsetSunset Member Posts: 199
    Just about anywhere where you can use BLOBS.
    1. Various files (Mostly XML) streamed into BLOBs for archieve.
      This shouldn't be a problem as it still works the same way.
    2. BLOBs being passed around tables for log and posting purposes.
      Should also be ok.
    3. And being exported; both client and serverside.
      And this is where we have been using the TempBlob record which is no longer.
      Don't just take my word for it, test it yourself
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