SMTP Basic Authentication in Dynamics NAV 2018

Our software is built on the 2018 version of Dynamics NAV and it uses Microsoft Exchange and Office365's SMTP in order to send emails to customers. The issue that I've recently become aware of is that the only authentication option that we have for our Azure clients is Basic Authentication which will be discontinued later this year. The other options are anonymous and NTLM; the latter of which would only work if the SMTP was hosted on the Azure server.

With that information, does anyone know of another way to authenticate with the SMTP?


  • jackharrisjackharris Member Posts: 5
    This is the prompt I get when emails try to send.


  • BertVerbBertVerb Member Posts: 24
    What I read is that for SMTP Basic Auth will be contineu:

    I thought you said you were not going to completely disable SMTP AUTH?
    You’re right, we did, in blog posts here and here. We’re going to continue to disable SMTP AUTH for tenants who don’t use it, but we will not be changing the configuration of any tenant who does. We can’t tell though if the usage we see is valid or not, that’s down to you to determine. So you still should move away from using Basic and SMTP AUTH though if you can, as it does leave you exposed. Don’t forget, you can disable it at the tenant level, and re-enable on a per-user/account level as described here.
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