Mixed language issue NAV2018 CU38 / CU47

rasmuwerasmuwe Member Posts: 4
Hello everyone,

We recently upgraded to NAV2018 (CU38) from NAV2016. On nav2018 we now have this issue with the system text being in "mixed translation" between english and danish (our language).
By system text I mean messages/errors that occur when you for example call:
and no record were found
or when you use:
Record.TESTFIELD("Some field", "value");
and it returns an error.

The error message in the last example could be something like:
"Bilagstype must not be Tilbud in Købshoved: Bilagstype=Tilbud, Nummer="

(bold = danish, italic = english)

So the issue only exists with system text that you cant see/edit from C/SIDE or extensions. Multilanguage (ML Constants) works fine otherwise.

Anyone has a clue? We have tried many things: From changing/fiddling with server language and adjusting "Default Language" and "Services Language" properties on the NST.

Usually this just works though - without us doing anything. We tried upgrading to a newer CU (Now CU47) but problem persists.

We use Windows Server 2019.


  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 189
    Have you checked the stx and etx files - maybe they were broken in that release or your installation? You can find them in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\XXX\RoleTailored Client\DAN
    You can open the files with Notepad and check, if they are actually in Danish
  • rasmuwerasmuwe Member Posts: 4
    edited 2022-02-03
    Thank you for your suggestion. We already looked in those files. Both are correctly translated to danish - also it seems like those files are alone for the integration development environment in NAV: C/SIDE. For example the error message for TESTFIELD could not befound in these files. Or maybe that is the problem? Does error messages for GET and TESTFIELD usually reside in these files - I cant seem to find them in my files. Can you check yours?
  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,012
    Not sure whether the problem is server or client side.
    Nevertheless, in both installation folders you should have a folder named da-DK with several .resource.dll files. If you don't, you should re-install from a localized installation source (i.e. download the Danish DVD even for installing the platform files).

    It won't hurt to do a repair installation anyways, unless you did not install using the installer in the first place. In that case you might be in all kind of trouble because of missing dependencies.
  • rasmuwerasmuwe Member Posts: 4
    Thank you for answering. I already checked the language.ressource.dll files and they Seem correct. Under details I see language as danish. But naturally I cant look inside Them.

    we installed from normal setup.exe on DVD.

    We also tried repair but no difference.
    Side note: We did make it work on one server though! but we dont know how.
    We are currently having to clone this server when making new servers because new servers have the language issue!…

    Maybe this information teels anyone something? I am sure it is server side as I tested from the same client connecting to two different servers, where one has the issue the other does not… It is very weird but maybe something stupid/simple…
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