Posting Description in Dynamics Nav 2009 R2.

Hello everyone,
How I can make "Posting Description" field equals to "Cusomer Name"+ "Sales Invoice Header"."No." when I validate sales order.
Tanhk you in advance


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    PascualPascual Member Posts: 9
    Hi Abdel,

    I'm sorry to inform you that this modification can give you an overshoot since "Posting Description" and "Cusomer Name" have the same size.

    "Posting Description" =50
    Cusomer Name =50
    "Sales Invoice Header." =20
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    Abdel1978Abdel1978 Member Posts: 10
    Hi Pascual;
    Thank you for your replay.
    In this case I will juste use "Sales Invoice Header"."No."
    Thank you again for your support
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