Simplanova Objects Usage Log Tool

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Simplanova Objects Usage Log Tool
Upgrading your customers’ solutions from Dynamics NAV to Business Central starts with analysis and defining the project scope. Simplanova knows that this process takes time and discussion with the customer, which is usually non-billable hours so, to make this process easier and based on statistics, we have released free objects usage log tool for all versions of Dynamics NAV (now supports all versions up to BC 14.00!)

The primary purpose of this tool is to gather information on which objects are used on the client’s Dynamics solution by monitoring users’ work. In addition, it allows getting a better view of NAV upgrade scope, as usually some old functionality or reports are not used by users anymore.

Objects Usage Log Tool tracks the user activity for a selected period and creates a record in a table every time an object is run. By deploying this tool to a production database of your customer’s solution, you will be able to track the usage of different object groups: i.e., you may select to track report usage only. Additionally, partners can choose which user’s activity to track.

The highest cost for upgrading Dynamics NAV is in object conversion. However, after analyzing clients’ Dynamics NAV object usage, partners can upgrade only these objects, which the client really uses, define the scope more clearly, and thus lower the upgrade price.

Download a free Dynamics objects usage log tool supported for Dynamics Partners.


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    It would be very helpful if you could attach the objects in text so the object IDs can be adjusted prior to importing to a database.
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