BC14 config file resets itself ???

Dave_CintronDave_Cintron Member Posts: 189
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Does anyone know how to prevent these observed behaviors upon server reboot???
1. BC14 service A copies config settings from BC service B and will not start because the ports (and everything else) are the same.
2. BC14 service resets to Demo database even though this is not installed.
These are probably the same issue.
Dave Cintron
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  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 492
    no idea. perhaps check config file folder, set as read only?

    make a copy of the files and on reboot, use task scheduler to copy over and reboot. Its a bad workaround but...

    I recall long ago NAV2015 setup in a company: After each reboot one of the services lost some configuration, You had to manually type it again etc. No idea how they installed it.
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