Combining two role centers into a new one

mustafaAlsoufimustafaAlsoufi Member Posts: 37
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Could anyone guide me on how to combine two role centers into a new one please?

What I meant by that, I want to add all the pages actions and queues for those two role centers "production planner" along with the "Purchase Agent" into a new one.



  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 480
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    This is not something I can explain easily... I presume you are new on nav?

    You will need to locate the pages, they are in the range 90XX:
    P9063 Purchase Agent Activities...

    Then, you will need to change the source tables and include the fields by copy and pasting (Purchase Cue table etc)
    The count is calculated by a flowfield in the table but the lookups are carried out by the page.

    I would suggest to create a new set of table/page and leave standard ones as is. Then assign that new page to the role centres you want as a new cardpart.
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