Allocating permission to user and user groups

ShaheerShaheer Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone, kindly can anyone assist me,
How can i restrict a user in Business central not to "Receive" or "Receive and Invoice" while posting a purchase order.
I made a permission set and allocated that permission set to user in which i made "Insert Allowed" - Blank (NO) for "Purchase invoice header" and "Purchase invoice Line" but it didn't work.


  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 444
    edited 2021-12-21
    I was about to say check permissions sets but just allow to receive and not invoice, I think that probably needs to be bespoke as both are posting actions.

    You may need to code an event subscriber, check if the document has PO.invoice (its a field in the header, check CU 90 Purch.-Post and CU91 then

    "check user setup permissions" by creating a new field in there (allow invoice).
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