TableRelation with extensions

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I have a problem with this table extension and I want to change it.

This is the standar code of the table 1208 in field "Applies-to Entry No."

TableRelation = "Cust. Ledger Entry" WHERE("Customer No." = FIELD("Customer No."),
"Document Type" = FILTER(Invoice | "Finance Charge Memo" | Reminder | Bill),
Open = CONST(true));

And I want to change to this one

tableextension 67090 CAD_DirectDebitCollecExt extends "Direct Debit Collection Entry"
// Add changes to table fields here
modify("Applies-to Entry No.")
TableRelation = "Cust. Ledger Entry" WHERE("Customer No." = field("Customer No."),
"Document Type" = FILTER(Invoice | " " | "Credit Memo" | Refund),
Open = CONST(true));

Because I want to add that documents.

How can I do this table extension, because all the time the system told he cant find the "Entry No." when that line exists on the table Cust Ledger Entry.

Thank You

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