NST Services are using different amount of Memory

RogerNelsonRogerNelson Member Posts: 1
edited 2021-11-18 in NAV Three Tier
got a new Job in the Developmend Field and have to look for the Dev-Server regarding Performance etc.

On the Dev Serrver there are different NST's for different usage Configured.
I've seen that they are using different amounts of memory.
After rebooting the Server this will varying between 200MB and 2GB without any interaction (2:00 AM)

also i can see that there are minimum 6 connections to the SQL server per Service.

Can anyone tell how to minimize the Service Footprint?
There is very little about Memory to read.

Tried a little with "Data Cache Size" (from 10 to 9) and it looks like this had an effect.
Maybe 8? or off will do the Trick? Not sure where and how this would hit the general performance


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