Migrate a single company into an existing database

RallnusRallnus Member Posts: 79

we have got a BC17 environment with 4 companies.

We want to import a 100 GB database with all data into the exsisting database. The tool could be the standard import function or a PS statement.
Do you think that this is possible?
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  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 401
    Well i dont see why it coudlnt be possible.

    The only issue you may have if this company comes from another database, it will fail if the objects do not match (tables, fields...)

    So before restoring the copy I would suggest to try match current database and that 100gb company objects somehwere.

    You can also use NAV GUI, if you search "import from data file", instead of powershell. I suggest not copy any shared data, just the company.

    good luck,.
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