Microsoft Validation Error, While I changed field's data type from Option to Enum in BC V-19.1

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Hi, I have a table with one of it's field is "Document type" as option. it has option members 'Quote,Order,Invoice,"Credit Memo","Blanket Order","Return Order",,,,"Add/Remove"'.

Then I have changed this field's data type as Enum "Sales Document type". This Enum is Microsoft's standard and has all the option members except "Add/Remove". so I have extended the "Sales Document type" and added the "Add/Remove" (value(9; "Add/Remove") { Caption = 'Add/Remove'; }).

In Microsoft validation, I have got an error message as below.

"The enum 'Enum "Sales Document Type"' must have at least the same number of values as the number of option member 'Option' defined on field 'Document Type' in the previous version of the extension (Enum: '7' - Option: '6'). This is not allowed because this might break upgrade of existing installations and dependent extensions."

I have no idea what's wrong here, both Enum and the option have same number of values.

Please if someone has an idea on what's wrong here... let me know. Thanks.
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