Business Central Odata authentication

Ethan0kEthan0k Member Posts: 1
I am trying to configure the odata (v4) webservices to access Business Central (V18) data through Excel Power Query. Unfortunately, every time I try to log in, I get an authentication error. Even using the EDGE or Chrome browser the same thing happens.
Trying to use Internet Explorer or Firefox instead I can read my data.
BC Service is configured with UserName authentication mode.
What is the explanation for this behavior and how can I solve and configure Powerquery to read my data?


  • bblackstonebblackstone Member Posts: 4
    Ran into the same issue with multiple versions of Nav and Business Central. Ended up setting the authentication to Windows and using NTLM. UserName authentication seems to work fine for the Web Client, but not for ODATA.
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