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omyvadiyaomyvadiya Member Posts: 124
I have created a new table & page of same table. Then i have published that page as a webservice. It is working fine in my local machine's google chrome.

I have set "Use NTLM authentication" = Yes in the service.

How can the web service be published with Basic authentication, i have tried below:

1. I have encoded the user credentials & tried the same in postman application. Error : 401 Unauthorized.
2. I have tried using No Auth (ideally it must not be used).

Thanks in advance


  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 423
    If you want to use Basic authentication, you should changed to use NAVUSERPASSWORD, then you are free of a lot of trouble.
    i normal suggests to create Server instance and use NAVUSERPASSWORLD, then you can open firewall ex to only the needed port
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