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Dear Expert,

currently we are testing JOB Costing functionality and we found that job wip posting are not working based on the setup that we defined in job posting group. some friends recommend me to find similar case in this website. however i havent found any. so i decided to post this question here.

1. create two new job posting group for different wip account (ex: Goods & Services) with different WIP cost & Accrued account

2. create a new job with 3 job task. each one of them for each job posting group with WIP method = Cost of Sales

3. Create a sales invoice for job task 120 ( full amount) and post the invoices.
4. run the calculate WIP and post wip to G/L.
5. The result of this function can be seen Image below

according to the setup that we defined earlier, the cost amount of Job task 100 (1477$) & 110 (200$) should be separated into two lines based on different job posting groups. however, in this case the transaction is grouped into the first job posting group. is this a bug or is there any setup missing?

Thank you


  • DamjanDamjan Member Posts: 77

    We do not use standard solution for WIP costing, so setup: "Job Posting Groups" has multiple records of where each record represet job type that we use at our customers. WIP Costs Account" is blank on each record.

    Please check this setup "Job WIP Methods",|
    should be something like this

    Setup: "Jobs Setup", field: "Default WIP Posting Methods"=>"Per Job"

    After you run the report Calculate WIP and Post WIP to G/L the entries are inserted based on the customer of the job and job type...

  • SLEOSLEO Member Posts: 2
    Hi Damjan, thank you for your reply.
    this is the screenshot of the wip method. we are not touching or changing anything.

    i also tried again with Default posting method per JOB, before is per JLE.

    but the result are still same. somehow the Task No. 110 referring to JOB posting group defined in the Task 100 when we calculate the WIP.

    all the wip calculation is correct except BC post the WIP into the wrong Job posting group.

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