Connection BC 17 in VS Code

ModiboModibo Member Posts: 32
I have the following message when I download symbol for the BC Vs Code connection.
Authorization has failed or the credentials have expired. The credential cache has been cleaned. Any access to reach Business Central would require new authorization.


  • JasonJason ShanghaiMember Posts: 8
    Please check "authentication" in lauch.json file. It should be
    "authentication": "Windows"
    "authentication": "UserPassword".

    If it's userpassword, you need to provide user id and password when you download symbol.
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,264
    Follow the instructions. If you're getting symbols from a docker container it should ask for username/password. Sometimes it doesn't work properly, and when that happens I try manually clearing credentials cache, restarting VSCode (reload from the command palette), restarting my development VM, recreating the container.

    For SaaS tenants sometimes there's a device code that you have to copy/paste into the web client but basically you have to authenticate to get access to the tenant. If I'm not mistaken you can only get symbols from sandbox tenants.
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