Business Central 140 - Debugger not working

aceXaceX Member Posts: 165
Hi there,

I have one trouble on new server with new installation (not upgrade). Debugger not working. At first P9504 was uncompilable because Control Add in that could not be loaded. After replacing Control Add ins from local machine where everything is ok, page can be compiled but the problem with debugger still persist...


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  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 492
    it looks to me some control add-in?
    check nav service folder, try to find any addings, also debugger nav page, check if it has been modified etc.

  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Member Posts: 1,139
    It Seems to be a JavaScript Control Addin - Did you Imported the Manifest.xml?
  • aceXaceX Member Posts: 165
    Well I've already tried to copy and replace all files in Add-Ins folder in Service and RoleTailored Client also from machine with same version where everything works fine, and still no success.
    We did not tried only reinstallation of Business Central because problem is on server side. But, I don't believe that will help. :(
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