BC14 - Time zone (Table 2000000164) not showing correct information

TheHeinoTheHeino Member Posts: 2
We have done a Technical upgrade to a solution (NAV 2016 --> BC14) - The Windows client is working correctly but we discovered some issues with the Web client. I found out that (one of) the problems is that the Time Zone table is malfunctioning :-)
When I try to choose the Time zone in the User Personalization card it looks like this:

and when pressing "Advanced":

But when I Create a page for the Time Zone table and run it directly from the Object designer it looks like this:

So - for some reason it does not get the ID and Display name when "looking up" in the client and this give me problems in the Web client because it does not recognize "52" as a valid Time zone and I cannot change companies because "W. Europe Standard Time" is not an available Time zone.

Anyone know what is wrong and how to solve it? Perhaps I should try to replace the table with a newer one - but this table is hidden, so I am not sure how to do that (besides perhaps doing it directly in the SQL server?).

Thank you in advance for the help :-).

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