show red / green color in cue

julkifli33julkifli33 Member Posts: 989
Hi all,
I have created customized cue
but here ,i dont have green and red color like standard BC.


any idea how / where to add this ?


  • julkifli33julkifli33 Member Posts: 989
    Hi @DenSter
    thanks for the info.
    but i think it is not for new customized cue , right?
    actually it is not field as well
    I just created a function to be shown in role center
      procedure GetISOverdueSalesInvoiceAmount(ParDate: Date): Decimal
            TotalOutstandingAmount: Decimal;
            TotalOutstandingAmount := 0;
            CustLedgerEntry.Setrange(CustLedgerEntry."Document Type", CustLedgerEntry."Document Type"::Invoice);
            CustLedgerEntry.Setrange(CustLedgerEntry.Open, True);
            CustLedgerEntry.SetFilter(CustLedgerEntry."Remaining Amt. (LCY)", '<>%1', 0);
            CustLedgerEntry.SetFilter(CustLedgerEntry."Due Date", '<%1', ParDate);
            if CustLedgerEntry.findset then
                    CustLedgerEntry.CalcFields(CustLedgerEntry."Remaining Amt. (LCY)");
                    TotalOutstandingAmount := TotalOutstandingAmount + CustLedgerEntry."Remaining Amt. (LCY)";
                until = 0;
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    I don't know what you are trying to do there. That link shows you how to format the colors. Trace how the tiles are set up from the role center into the parts into the source table that those parts show. With that information, you can create your own.
  • julkifli33julkifli33 Member Posts: 989
    I have created my own cue, but in the the cue setup i cant find my own cue
    that's why cant colour it
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,258
    edited 2021-09-27
    You need a flowfield to make Cue Setup work. Let's look at an existing rolecenter:
    • Open the Business Manager role center and find the 'O365 Activities'. Put your cursor in the part where it says 'O365 Activities' and hit F12 (or right click and hit Go to definition) - this opens the "O365 Activities" CardPart page. These cardparts are what display the tiles, you will need to create one for your custom cue, or a pageextension that adds one to an existing one.
    • Go to the cuegroup 'Ongoing Sales' and put your cursor where it says "Ongoing Sales Quotes" and hit F12. This will open the 'Activities Cue' table, and you will see that "Ongoing Sales Quotes" is a flowfield in this table, note that it is field number 11. This is important because that is what feeds the tile, and it enables you to set up the colors. You will need to create a flowfield for your cue
    • In the 'Cue Setup' screen, you should be able to find an entry for Table ID 1313 (the Activities Cue table, which we just looked at) and Cue ID 11 (The "Ongoing Sales Quotes" field, number 11 as we just noted). It shows the threshold for the value and the color
    So in order for you to create a cue that you can set up, you will need:
    • a flowfield that represents your Cue. You can put this in a brand new table or in a table extension
    • a CardPart that shows the cue, again in a new one or extend an existing one
    I just added a flowfield to a cue table, and it shows up in Cue Setup just fine
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