Procedure in SOAP webservice not present BC17

MGoosenMGoosen Member Posts: 14
For an assignment, I'm trying to make a new SOAP webservice of a pageextension that shows a method of a codeunit in Business Central version 17. For this, I made a different SOAP webservice for the codeunit where the method is. According to the textbook, there should now be a line in the XML response of the webservice of the pageextension for the method; <operation name ="ProcedureCodeunit">. This line is missing however and I cannot figure out why. Does anyone have any idea?

I double checked the code that needs to be added in the codeunit and the pageextension and that checks out. I tried to republish the project, deleted and re-added the SOAP webservices in the client and tried different combinations of the URL that gives the XML response of the webservice. No luck so far.
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