RDLC report - image in body of report does not increase with text

DamjanDamjan Member Posts: 77
edited 2021-09-17 in NAV Three Tier
I need to insert an image that is added as background on the report, but the image is stretched to fill entire page.

How should I insert an image that starts from footer and ends at the middle part of report?
I tried to use rectangle and it does not work as expected.

I placed rectangle1 and inside that rectangle I set BackgroundImage, and in the footer I added also a rectangle2 and set the BackgroundImage.

There is this blank space marked with red colour that displayed as report is loaded. I would like to remove this blank space and keep both yellow images together. There is also one other issue, that as report is increased with text content, this rectangle1 is not dynamically increased in the hight with the text content.

Thank you
BR Damjan
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