Barcode font not showing in Report

Jakob_CGKJakob_CGK Member Posts: 8
I need to print labels containing the entry no. of a record. I followed this guide and in Report Builder, added a text field with the font "Code-39-Logitogo" displaying the encoded number. On the preview PDF, however, the code is in the default Arial font.
I then found this article explaining that the instance of BC needs to have the proper fonts installed, so I installed the fonts mentioned on the article on both my PC and the docker container. This time I used the "IDAutomationSC39M Demo" font, but the PDF remained unchanged.
Is there a setting I am missing? Is there some conversion error with the preview?
I am using BC OnPrem 18.0, by the way.


  • julkifli33julkifli33 Member Posts: 984
    as far as i know , if on premise then you need to install the font
  • Jakob_CGKJakob_CGK Member Posts: 8
    As already mentioned, I already installed the font on the container.
    I did however find the solution: I had to set the property PdfFontEmbedding to true.
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