Use subpage in Report Request Page for Dynamic Request Fields


i require to have a Request Page with a dynamics number of ASKED FIELDS to the user.

So my idea is to use a REQUEST PAGE with a SUBPAGE LIST done by Key / Value.

To do that i'm using a Temp Record of a Table that i want to automatically FILL when the request page is loaded (base on a table with all DEFAULT VALUES), after that the user SHOULD edit them (if he wants) without edit the stored default values, and after that the REPORT RUNS using those DATA.

Well the subpage works inside the request page, but i cannot access it through the report to populate them or read the user input.

I'm trying to run an external function defined inside the SubPage, i usually do that using Page with subpage with CurrPage.MySubPageName.PAGE.functionName() but in a REPORT i don't have that CurrPage variable, i just have the CurrReport that i cannot in the same way.

So i'm asking if someone has same trick to use that function, or maybe that can suggest another approach to obtain an "Dynamic Field List on a Request page" effect.

Thank you



  • AlbertvhAlbertvh Member Posts: 516
    Hi Attilio

    Try using RequestOptionsPage.MySubPageName.PAGE.FunctionName
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