Combined Pick Lists for Sales Orders

KWevickKWevick Member Posts: 103
edited 2021-08-16 in NAV Three Tier
My client is on NAV2013 and is switching over to using Warehousing for various reasons. For shipping, they will need to Create Warehouse Shipments and then Picks. They have a large volume of small orders, for which they currently manually create combined picks by Item. They are switching to bins and Warehousing so they can let NAV do the work for them. They need pick lists which are combined without regard to customer, and sorted by Bin so they pick all the Items and bring them back to the shipping area to pack and ship. I am not having much luck getting to work and would like some guidance. We will have multiple Warehouse Shipments, but the Warehouse Worksheet is eluding me. Thank you in advance.


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