Fixed IP from SaaS

NAVupNorthNAVupNorth Member Posts: 14
I have an app that calls an external service and the external service needs to whitelist the IP address I'm calling from. For SaaS, Microsoft says
"Outbound requests come from Business Central environment, such as code that uses the HttpClientdata type to send HTTP requests. The requests come from an IP address in the IP ranges of the Azure region in which the environment is hosted. You can see where an environment is hosted on the Environment details page in the Business Central admin center."

This is from

It links to a document with all the Azure IP addresses which is a massive list. It's divided into types of service e.g. uksouth - ActionGroup, uksouth - AzureAPIManagement, uksouth - AzureAppService, etc.

So my question is - does anybody know what service httpClient outbound requests are made from so I can find the right addresses?



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