BC365: Remove grey background on a un-editable text field

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Currently, I am working on implementing a solution that gives the user a possibility to add own instructions (i.e. captions and instructional texts) to certain wizard steps in a navigate page and I am very close to achieve it, but there is a minor detail that keeps bothering me.

When you enter the first wizard step in the navigate page, it looks like this:


So far it looks promising. However, when I click on either "Skip step" or "Complete step" (both of these buttons will take you to next step, the latter one only activates certain validation mechanisms), then it looks like this:


As you can see, the textfield, where custom instructional texts are supposed to be in, has a grey background color which I would like to omit. I would like to have it in the same way as the caption at the top of the page without the grey color. Here you have the current page field properties for both the caption and for the textfield with the grey background color:


While trying to resolve this issue, I have discovered that this issue seems to lie within the usage of the MultiLine property when set to true and whenever the textfield gets updated with new data as you switch between the wizard steps. If I do not have this MultiLine property set to true, then the grey background color disappears on that textfield. However, then the issue is that large parts of the textual contents will not be displayed as a whole, only the first part of the text will be displayed and it will cause some inconveniences later on, so I really would like to have the MultiLine property set to true to take advantage of this property. I was also wondering the Style* properties could be of help in this case? As far as my understanding goes, the Style* properties seem to only deal with formatting of the text itself and not the page field as a whole, but maybe I am mistaking something here?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Best regards,
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