as user sorts by any column of Page X, NAV client crashes

DamjanDamjan Member Posts: 94
Hi All,

I have strange issue as users open page 5076 - "Interaction Log Entries", where page Interaction Log Entry has set filtering in OnFindRecord, where page is opened as expected, but when user sorts records on field (i.e. Description) the page freezes and NAV client crashes.
I tried to debug the error and it works fine when I am debugging line by line, but when I do not debugg the page freezes and NAV client crashes.

I think the issue might be in records that are being filtered using in OnFindRecord, but I cannot get to the code where error pops, because NAV client crashes.

Has anybody else these kind of issues before?

Thanks Damjan

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    DamjanDamjan Member Posts: 94
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    just found out what the issue was

    code has been called to run the PagePart on OnAfterGetCurrRecord, which somehow worked as I was debugging the page, but it did not worked (crashed the NAV client) if I did not debugg the page...

    I commented the issued code and set filters on the PagePart directly.

    Page and PagePart works as expected, now.


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