NAV Mobile App cannot connect to the server on Tablet

jhanvincent14jhanvincent14 Member Posts: 213
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Hello Good day, Masters.

I have a problem using NAV Mobile app, it says Cannot connect to the server.

1. I didn't use HTTPS, only HTTP. didn't use any signed or self signed cert. all I did is that I install normal configuration and that includes web and just forwarded the port.

2. Outside network, Web and Phone client connects perfectly. but on a Android tablet (Samsung S3) it says cannot connect to the server.

3. This is just for staging purposes and we just need to test our customization on Web, tablet, Phone and Windows Application. I didn't use cert so that I can save the hassle on installing the cert on individual devices since all the QA are all on work from home.

Do you have any idea on what is causing of the said error ?

Thanks and God Bless :)


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