NAV 2018 Excel Buffer .NET Cell Alignment

rocksoft63rocksoft63 Member Posts: 2
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Is there any way to align cells (horizontal/vertical) after writing an Excel sheet via T370 (Excel Buffer)?
In earlier versions of NAV when using automations the 'Range' object provided every possibility of cell
design. Just recorded an Excel macro and built the functionality in T370.

Now the .NET object XlWrkSht.Range has only a limited repertoire of methods and properties (as far as
I can see) and especially the urgently needed 'HorizontalAlignment' (with an Enumeration afterwards)
seems not to be included.

I know that this functionality will not decide if the battle is won or lost :-) but those basic things make
a huge difference on distributing your Excel file, wether it's pretty or not.

All that I got is a tremendous headache by running against the walls with all I tried out...

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  • AudriusAudrius Member Posts: 5
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    Try Excel automation

  • rocksoft63rocksoft63 Member Posts: 2
    Sorry, but I learned that Excel automations do not work and are not supported in NAV 2018 anymore :-((
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