Using BC on a mobile browser without being asked about the app

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I have to set up a Business Central client on multiple Android devices using the Ivanti Velocity Browser. It works fine, but every time the session is started there is a page asking the user if they want to download the dedicated mobile app instead. I already tried using a direct link to a page to see if it would circumvent this, but the first thing that popped up was still the link to the App Store. It's not remembering my selection and I don't see an option to not ask, so is there a way to skip this?

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    Hi, hope this will help.
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    yzhums wrote: »
    Hi, hope this will help.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work. I still get the link to download the app. In fact, it isn't even changing the layout of the site when using it on a desktop as in the video, so maybe this only works for a particular version? We are using BC19.

    Edit: I figured it out, I was supposed to put "phone" before the parameters. Thank you for your help.
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