Fail to run bat file for ftp upload

Hi Expert,

I have 2 machines, both running NAV 2009 SP1, classic client with same version, and pointing to same database.
There is a NAV report created for generating a bat file which pointing to another ftp script file.

Machine A Machine B
Manually run report in NAV OK Fail
Manually run the NAV created bat file in window OK OK
Report run by scheduler (note NAS was built in Machine B ) Fail Fail

By above testing result, we can conclude that :-
Problem not on NAV report coding - The bat file and ftp script generated by NAV report are working as the bat file run manually in window / via machine A is able to upload file into ftp server.

Same code but different behavior for machines (clients), may I know what else parameter need to check? Window firewall outgoing setting ? Any hint?


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